Benefits of installing ROCKFON solutions

The advantages of stone wool make installation optimal

Our products are lightweight to handle, easy to cut and do not need acclimatisation. They contribute to creating better working conditions for installers.


ROCKFON products – being made from stone wool – are between 50 to 80% lighter than wet felted mineral fibre or gypsum ceiling tiles. This can help avoid back injuries by simplifying manual handling.

Due to lightweight products, ROCKFON is able to offer solutions that can be installed faster and more economically.

FasTrac: Less weight also means fewer ceiling hangers and faster installation times. For example, standard A and E edge tiles can be installed in FasTrac grids using 33% fewer hangers. This means less drilling into the soffit, fewer top fixings and fewer main runners. This improves flexibility and reduces installation time by 20% over traditional grid systems.

Easy to cut

Our products can be cut easily and precisely with one stroke, without crumbling or using any special tools – all whilst inside the building, as no dust is generated.

Cutting to shape around walls and services can be easily done using a sharp knife. To maintain the overall appearance of the ceiling, visible cut edges should be treated with the appropriate ROCKFON edge paint.

Reduced waste

Since ROCKFON products are easy to cut and have robust edges, they result in less waste and neat, efficient installations. ROCKFON solutions are less brittle and friable than other materials and less prone to damage when handled on-site.


ROCKFON solutions help you meet your schedule. Thanks to their humidity-resistant and the non-hygroscopic characteristics, they can be installed in unfinished and non-hermetic buildings without functioning HVAC systems. They can even be installed before the building has been finished, thereby speeding up the construction process and enhancing peace-of-mind for all.

This means that delays from other tradesmen will not necessarily hinder or delay the ceiling installation. Finally, although we do not recommend storing ROCKFON ceiling tiles outside, they will perform significantly better than any competitor’s ceiling tiles when stored in varying humidity and environmental conditions.


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