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All Rockfon products are classified as E1 products which guarantee they are below any legal requirement for Formaldehyde emissions in the EU. The use of materials satisfying class E1 (BS EN 13964) enables qualification for BREEAM credits.

Rockfon products meet and exceed relevant legal requirements for indoor air quality and health, as shown by the independent certifications attributed to Rockfon tiles. Taken together, these certificates demonstrate compliance with the main requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, ammonia, carcinogens, particles, odour and fibres.

Stone wool is a safe material to work with. This is supported by the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has classified that stone wool has no carcinogenic impact. This conclusion is based on epidemiological studies.

The fibres in Rockfon tiles are subject to third-party testing to ensure that the chemical properties are within limits.

In some circumstances, coarse fibres can cause temporary itching on the skin. In order to minimise any annoyance when working with Rockfon products, recommended work practices, including pictograms, are placed on every box delivered.

Requirements of the Indoor Air Quality labels
that have been attributed to Rockfon products

Singapore Green LabelHealthy Green Building Material/
High Performance Green Building Material
The Indoor Climate label*M1
Maximum time value-48 hours60 days28 days
Particle release< 0.02 mg/m3-≤ 2 mg/m2-
Individual substances--< 50% of odour/irritation threshold value-
TVOC0.25 (24 hrs.) mg/m2h< 0.19 mg/m2h-< 0.2 mg/m2h
Formaldehyde0.02 (48 hrs) mg/m2h< 0.08 mg/m2h-< 0.05 mg/m2h
Ammonia---< 0.03 mg/m2h
Carcinogens--None< 0.005 mg/m2h
Odours--AcceptableNo odour
αw-> 0.8--
Recycled content≥ 30%---

* Maximum indoor-relevant time-value. The maximum time allowed to reach the acceptable indoor air quality for all emitted compounds in a standard room under standard conditions. The declared Indoor-relevant time value shows how long it takes for the products to reach acceptable emission levels.


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