ROCKFON ceilings contribute to the wellbeing and health of a building’s occupants

Feel good sound

Rockfon acoustic ceiling solutions contribute positively to the indoor environment, contributing to the wellbeing and health of a building’s occupants.

Rockfon ceilings provide acoustic comfort by reducing echo and reverberation. These can lead to loss of concentration, poor speech intelligibility and “cocktail party” effect, where people talk louder and louder in order to hear each other. The result of the cocktail party effect has been measured in kindergartens at over 90 dB(A), far higher than the level at which noise-induced hearing loss can occur.

For example, installing a Rockfon ceiling in a 120m2 office can reduce the noise level by 6dB, which corresponds to eliminating 75% of the original noise in the room.

Let the sunshine in

Light is important to personal well-being and performance. Although the quality of modern artificial lighting has improved, the most comfortable and economical source of light is still the sun. Natural light is often combined with artificial light. As a result, not only the amount of light, but also the quality of light is important. Both need to be adapted to the users of a room to have a positive impact on a person’s mood and help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

High light reflection helps make effective use of available light. The light reflecting capacity of a ceiling not only contributes to a reduction in electricity bills but also improves the quality of lighting conditions. As the ceiling is the only surface in a room that is completely visible, the light reflection should be as high as possible to make effective use of the light. Rockfon unobtrusive matt white ceilings are highly reflective (85-87%) and provide a uniform spread of light.

A ceiling with the right combination of high light reflection and good light diffusion leads to a uniform and accurate spread of light in a room, reducing the need for light fixtures. A higher light diffusion value leads to less dazzle and avoids mirror effects.

Keeping a secret

Rockfon ceilings also provide sound insulation by preventing sound from one space penetrating another. Sound insulation creates more privacy between rooms and better concentration in the receiving room. In workspaces like hospitals, offices and hotels, personal privacy and the ability to have confidential conversations are critical. In addition to providing products with high levels of acoustic comfort through sound absorption, Rockfon has also developed specific solutions that provide excellent sound insulation enabling you to keep those conversations private.

    In open plan offices, 60% of employees say that noise is the single most disturbing factor.
    Julian Treasure, Sound Business, 2007

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