Building durable prosperity

Enable specifiers to realise their vision

Every building is different in terms of design and purpose. ROCKFON solutions enable specifiers to realise their vision with a ceiling that boosts the productivity of occupants, delivers cost-effectiveness to the building owner, and contributes to the welfare of communities.

Long-term thinking

Because organisations change, indoor spaces need to be highly reconfigurable. Rockfon ceilings are very flexible and versatile. They are designed to save time, effort and reduce waste during installation and maintenance. They also allow for easy access to concealed service installations. All of which helps make spaces more modular.

Greater energy efficiency

Rockfon ceiling tiles have a high thermal insulation value and can contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in some applications. The high light reflection of Rockfon surfaces also helps save energy on electrical lighting.

Although Rockfon tiles are primarily designed for acoustic solutions, the intrinsic thermal insulation capacity of the ROCKWOOL base material contributes to greater energy efficiency. This is the case in shopping malls built over parking garages, in flat-roof buildings and in old buildings with cold cellars.

The Rockfon ceiling should be seen as playing an important part in the total thermal insulation solution (e.g. preventing condensation, avoiding thermal bridges, etc.).

Rockfon ceilings are the best choice for thermal insulation with acoustic absorption. Rockfon provides products specially designed to fulfil this double function. Solutions such as acoustic islands, baffles and wall absorbers contribute to the energy efficiency of thermal mass and thermo-active building systems, as they allow the free movement of air in the room while at the same time providing acoustic comfort.

Profiting people

The ROCKWOOL Foundation is the leading shareholder in ROCKWOOL International. Established in 1981, it supports scientific, humanitarian, artistic and social activities, and contributes to improving environmental conditions and development in society:

Built to last

It is important to use materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and periodic reconfiguration. Humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling tiles, which then start to lose their shape because of their own weight. As a result, the ceiling no longer looks flat and in extreme cases it may even sag or fall out of the grid.

In buildings under construction, where the building materials have not dried out or are not hermetically sealed, moisture can be a problem. Similarly, in climates where temperature and humidity levels vary, condensation can occur.

Rockfon tiles come with a 15-year guarantee and provide excellent resistance to handling and humidity. Rockfon products withstand up to 100% RH and stay flat, do not sag in humid conditions and do not require acclimatisation on site, making them highly cost effective over time.

    70% of people say that their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy.
    Source: Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment (Noise from human activity).
    Every year the earth produces 38,000 times more rock than Rockfon and ROCKWOOL use

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